Microelectronics & VLSI Design

M-Tech program’s Course

Course and Project Credit: The core and soft-core courses are listed in the table below. Most of the courses have a serious lab component. 1 credit of lab component is 6 hours of lab training per week. The credit distribution is summarized as follows:

  1. Core courses (18 credits): There are 6 courses (mix of 2:1 and 3:0 credits) that are mandatory for M. Tech students.
  2. Soft Core (9 credits): There are total 9 soft core courses, which directly fall under the scheme of Microelectronics and VLSI Design. Students must credit minimum 3 courses from this pool.
  3. Electives (9 credits): The remaining 9 credits of coursework may be completed by crediting courses listed in the Scheme of Instructions. It’s worth highlighting that our faculties offer over 10 different relevant courses, other than what is listed below, from which students can fulfil the elective requirements.
  4. Project (28 credits): This is a 1-year project (2 semesters including the summer term).



# Course No. Course title Faculty Nature Term
1 E3 282 Basics of Semiconductor Devices and Technology Mayank Shrivastava Core August
2 E3 220 Foundations of Nanoelectronics Devices Kausik Majumdar Core August
3 E3 200 Microelectronics & VLSI Design Lab Mayank Shrivastava Core Jan
4 E0 284 Digital VLSI Circuit Chetan Singh Thakur Core August
5 E3 238 Analog VLSI Circuits Gaurab Banerjee Core August
6 E3 231 Digital Systems Design with FPGAs Kuruvilla Varghese Core Jan
7 E3 275 Physics and Design of Transistors Mayank Shrivastava Soft Core Jan
8 E3 280 Carrier Transport in Nanoelectronics Devices Kausik Majumdar Soft Core Jan
9 E3 225 Art of Compact Modelling Santanu Mahapatra Soft Core August
10 E7 214 Optoelectronic Devices Varun Raghunathan Soft Core Jan
11 E3 237 Integrated Circuits for Wireless Communication Gaurab Banerjee Soft Core Jan
12 E3 245 Processor System Design Kuruvilla Varghese Soft Core August
13 E8 242 RF IC and Systems K. J. Vinoy Soft Core Jan
14 E8 202 Computational Electromagnetics K. J. Vinoy / Dipanjan Gope Soft Core August
15 E7 211 Photonic Integrated Circuits T. Srinivas / Varun Raghunathan Soft Core Jan
16 E3 274 Design of Power Semiconductor Devices Mayank Shrivastava Elective Jan
17 E3 272 Advanced ESD devices, Circuits and Design Methods Mayank Shrivastava Elective Jan
18 E3 271 Reliability of Nanoscale Circuits and Systems Mayank Shrivastava Elective Jan